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Welcome to On Board with Cecily, a blog about Vive Family Intensive. As the Director of Vive Family Intensive, it’s important to me that readers understand my passion for working with families and hear a little about our families journey’s. I originally started working with Calo in 2012 as a girls therapist and left some time in 2014 after giving birth to my daughter. During that time I was employed as a counselor in the school setting, and also did outpatient therapy, and while I loved working with my students, and clients, I wasn’t feeling quite as fulfilled as I did while I was at Calo.

There was just something about Calo! The people, the connections, the care for one another, and most of all the families and students I had the honor of working with. In the Fall of 2015, Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer for Calo, called me and shared his ideas about developing Vive Family Intensive, a five-day family intensive. I loved the idea. I knew that families would greatly benefit from a short-term program designed to prevent residential placement or obtain a differential diagnosis, and was excited about the potential of being a part of Calo again. It wasn’t until the spring of 2016 that both Rob and I decided it was time. I joined the Calo family again as the Director of Vive Family Intensive, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of the team.

Each family that I have the pleasure of working with has a unique and individual story that touches me personally, and constantly reaffirms why I do the work that I do. Not only are the parents satisfied, I myself as a clinician am satisfied too! It brings me so much joy having parents leave their “parent intensive” feeling encouraged, hopeful, and truly grateful for their experience with us. When parents provide us with great feedback, we know we have truly done our job right. This is why we offer Vive Family Intensive, so we can provide families with life transforming experiences. We profoundly change lives, and create joy; one family at a time. Our most recent family just sent me this note this morning describing their experience:

“I want to express, once again, how amazing it was to be involved in Vive and how eternally grateful I am to have this opportunity. It not only helped our families’ perceptions change regarding our child, but allowed us to safely face and tackle many years of unresolved issues between all of us that have, no doubt, changed our lives. You are both (Cecily and Christy) very, very good at what you do and your guidance and ability to remain professional and at the same time exert a level of comfort so strong that we could feel such vulnerability and confidence is amazing!!!” Calo Preteen Parent

Both Christy Maher PsyD, Vive Facilitator and I do this work, because we love it, and we know what we are doing works. Being able to see families transform their perspective, gain new tools, and truly leave with a greater understanding of one another, is truly rewarding for us. Each week comes with its own unique challenges, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. To learn more about Calo by Embark, please visit http://embarkbycalo.com/.
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