“Vive has been a breakthrough in our son’s treatment. I would highly recommend it to everyone, and as early in the treatment plan as is possible.”
  • “It was so nice to get real help from professionals that understand what our family struggles with on a daily basis. The therapists helped us better understand the effects of the developmental trauma our son suffered and gave us real tools to use with him. The work we did at the intensive was difficult, but extremely helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Vive Family Intensive.”
  • “Vive was the first time -the VERY first time – that I didn’t run out of time before I ran out of things to process. This was an astounding realization for me. Having the full attention of a team of experienced therapists for half a day, every day, was indescribably powerful.”
  • “I cannot say enough good things about Embark. It provided my family with the time, space, and safety to *really* dig in to the thoughts, feelings and emotions that encompass all of us. Vive was a wonderful experience and provided an opportunity for insights into my family that I think is unique in the therapeutic realm. Thank you Calo/Vive for an amazing experience.”
“I believe Vive helped Maggie because it pointed out some obvious areas Maggie needs to face and work on. Shame is the major issue I felt come out of Vive and that might have taken another therapist a lot longer to discover that issue to work on.”
  • “Clearly understanding and practicing empathy. Being given tools in which to practice empathy. Having the therapists be really honest about our role and how we were trying to normalize our son…. can’t say enough, it was a tremendous experience for all of us. Things have gone so well since our time at Vive although we finally feel equipped to handle things if/when our situation changes.”
  • “The value of Vive is priceless! I highly recommend this experience for every teen, pre-teen and parent. I thought I understood what Empathy looked like, felt like. It was not until this Family Intensive that my husband & I truly experienced how to have and give Empathy to our teen. I can’t adequately describe the change in us and during the weeks that followed, the change in our teen. Vive is not magic, it is exhausting work for everyone involved. I am particularly grateful to our therapist and our Vive therapist who gently guided us to a place where our family has begun to heal and find joy in each other.”
  • “Vive lived up to what is advertised about it. It has potentially helped us get “unstuck” in a therapeutic sense where we can begin to make movement and progress (hopefully). We learned more about our son’s emotional needs and gained topic areas and insights for follow on therapy. Both clinicians were extremely professional and consistent in their approach. You both have an engaging, motivating and disarming manner that put our son and us at ease.”
“Vive is one very important piece of the change-producing process called CALO. I strongly recommend it to all parents desiring improved relationships with their children.”
  • “The Vive Intensive addressed core issues that – up until now – were impeding our daughter’s healing process. Since Embark, we have seen a dramatic change in our daughter. I am hopeful for the future and for our family’s ability to work through problems.”
  • “Vive helped us better understand our son’s grief and shame and then practice a therapeutic model of empathy and attunement that facilitated communications and the beginning of family healing. The Vive therapists knew just how to encourage our son’s participation and we saw growth in him.”
  • “The communication before arrival had us completely prepared to get to work on reuniting our family. The attentiveness of the staff, caring and ability to adjust on the fly during some very difficult times made us feel completely safe. We knew we were in the right hands. Being able to have someone take care of our son, while others continued to work with us was key. We were able to speak freely about our feelings and so was he. Circling back with all of us was the icing on the cake to connect us all on a level we have never been able to achieve. We’ve done a ton of work as a family, but this experience brought it all full circle. Thank you will never be enough.”